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This week we’re looking into characteristics that can help us get through these tough times and how we can start thinking like winners to make our lives a little easier at the moment.

My name’s Zach Berwick, and after ten years working in the health and fitness industry to help people improve their wellbeing, I wrote a book to put down on paper what I’ve learned to share with others. In this article, I’m pulling out information from the ‘Having a Winner’s Mindset’ chapter.

We still have some time yet before we are entirely out of Lockdown, but the news we received this week should have given everyone a boost. However, as the end is in sight, there is even more reason to adopt a winner’s mindset as things return to normal again.

This article will explore six characteristics that you can work on to excel in the final sprint of these difficult times. If not now, then when? Now is a perfect opportunity to take a look at yourself. If you haven’t been giving your all at the moment, you are not alone. These characteristics might help you bounce back and help you start performing at your best again.


1. Always be passionate


We all gravitate towards passionate people because it is an infectious trait. Working from home doesn’t mean we should go ahead and lose that passion. Being passionate is about following your heart and interests even in times of hardship, especially when no one believes in you.

One of my passions is fitness, and during these times, I have pushed myself to new levels as I have had more time to do so. It has made me realise that I can push myself further and produce better results. When you’re passionate at work, with your family, or in your business, you will produce more results and create a better environment for yourself.

If you have an idea you want to pursue, grab it and go for it right now. There is no perfect time to pursue a life goal; the time is now. Use your passion to make it happen. If you feel like you have lost some enthusiasm during the pandemic, take time to think about what you want to achieve, make a plan, and get started.


2. Always keep a great attitude


We have all been through our own battles this pandemic, and everyone’s experience has been different, but there is one characteristic that can separate you from the rest. It’s your attitude. The life we build reflects our attitude, whether we are going through good times or bad times.

Positivity through any situation is a choice as you genuinely believe that everything will turn out the way you want. We will face problems that are out of our control in situations like this pandemic. But we will always have the ability to control how we deal with and feel about these situations. Only you can control your brain and body, and once you acknowledge this, it doesn’t matter about the hard times you go through, as nothing can penetrate your mind.


3. Get used to rejection


We all experience some rejection throughout life, whether it’s big or small. The moment you realise it is out of your control, you will stop looking inwardly and move on quicker.

Everything is different at the moment; industries are at a standstill, we can’t see our friends and family, people have had enough zoom calls, and your job might be more challenging for many reasons. None of this is your fault, but you might be feeling rejection more than usual at the moment. Maybe you’re looking for a new job, have been furloughed, or your role has changed dramatically at work. Changes in circumstance are because of the pandemic and nothing to do with you. Remind yourself that you cannot control anyone else’s decision. Doing this will help you let go of that rejection, affecting you less in the future.


4. Self-belief is imperative


Any top performer in their field has a certain level of self-belief. They bring energy to their craft, and they believe that they will perform day in and day out. They trust their abilities, judgements and know that a bad day is inevitable, but tomorrow will always be better.

Without self-belief, there will be many barriers to achieving the success we want in life. When you feel capable, you put yourself in a better position to follow through with hitting your goals and performing at work. Feeling capable can come from following through with your actions, being honest, showing integrity, and being a team player.

Be confident that you are doing a great job at the moment, considering the circumstances. You don’t need to be at the same level you were before the pandemic started, but feel great in the fact that you’re giving 100% to the life you’re living right now.


5. Be patient; better times are coming


Patience is a characteristic that not many people appreciate. It means you have to wait for the things you want in life, and what better teacher is a pandemic than to teach us how to be patient.

We have to work hard for what we want, and there is a journey to reach these goals we set ourselves. The great thing about the journey is that it feels a lot better when we get to the end if we have worked hard for it and been patient along the process.

Use this to reflect on what’s happening now. When restrictions lift and we return to some normality, everything we were so used to before the pandemic will taste that little bit sweeter, and we will have a deeper appreciation for the things we missed. Make sure you are making progress every day towards your goals during this Lockdown. You will thank yourself for being persistent and patient in the long run.


6. Be resilient in times of hardship


You will build a huge amount of resilience through your life, and the more you try and achieve, the more you will learn to be resilient, even in the face of adversity.

Resilience is the ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned, and it means you are willing to learn from mistakes and move forward. We have never experienced a pandemic before, and we are all making mistakes, but it is the people who bounce back and learn from their experiences who will still succeed.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and assess the situation before we can come back better and change the way we perform. If you feel like you need to change your approach to things during these times, take a step back, plan your perfect week in an imperfect world, and keep going with it until something sticks.