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Im delighted to officially launch The Side Hussle, a platform that will provide the latest ideas, news and expert views on the hottest sales and marketing topics across the UK fitness industry.

My hope is The Side Hussle will become a genuinely useful resource for gym and health club operators that want to discuss and improve the sales and marketing function within their business. 

There’s no doubt the impact of Covid-enforced lockdowns over the past 18-months have been incredibly difficult for our sector.  Most operators now face the challenge of re-growing their business with reduced budgets, limited resource and increased operational overheads.

However, the hardship of 2020 in trading terms has also stimulated an unprecedented wave of innovation, which in turn creates opportunities for the entire fitness ecosystem to ‘reset’ and grow.

As the sector now moves into a growth phase, the requirement for modern, innovative and efficient sales and marketing techniques will increase, as will the need for greater understanding of the unit economics that drive sustainable, profitable growth.

The Side Hussle will cover key questions such as; how much does it cost to acquire a new customer?  How does the cost vary between marketing channels?  When should you spend more or less?

How do you increase customer conversion, and how do you keep that customer engaged so the tenure and lifetime value of that customer increases? 

How to you assess return on ad spend, and what should the balance be between winning customers and keeping customers?

They are the questions every operator is or should now be asking, and I very much hope you find The Side Hussle useful.

Anyone interested in contributing their views to The Side Hussle in the future can contact me at any time via: