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Hussle has launched a new free service for the fitness industry, to provide operators with access to competitor ‘heat maps’. 

By using postcode location data and customised competitor segmentation a ‘heat map’ can be produced. This can be used to help operators understand precisely where their clubs come under the most pressure from competitors.

Clubs that are located in highly competitive areas show up in darker shades of red, while those with less competition appear in shades of green.

The service came about following consultation with numerous gym operators who needed a way to better understand which of their clubs were under the most pressure from the accelerated rollout plans of leading budget gym chains.

By precisely mapping the competitive pressure new budget gyms will bring to local markets, heat mapping allows operators to improve marketing decision making.

Knowing which sites are most at risk means operators can identify the locations that would benefit most from collaborating with Hussle to increase digital marketing channels and generate new member leads.

The heat mapping service can be requested via a free-of-charge consultation with Hussle. Operators do not need to be an existing Hussle partner to participate.

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