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When you announced you had joined Hussle in April 2021, your Linkedin profile seemed to explode with positive messages from across the sector! What do you put that seemingly universal goodwill down to?

“I think it helps that I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness having graduated with a degree in sports science before qualifying as a personal trainer.”

“I subsequently spent 15 very enjoyable years working with global leaders in fitness equipment supply, supporting UK strategic accounts across all sectors of the UK leisure and fitness industry.”

“These roles enabled me to meet amazing people from right across the sector and I’ve always placed great emphasis on making and maintaining personal connections.”  

Why have you decided to join the team at Hussle?

“I’ve always been interested in the possibilities for better use of technology in the fitness sector and as a result of this I have kept an eye on the work Hussle have been doing for a number of years.”

“What has become increasingly clear to me is that as exerciser and consumer behaviours have changed, Hussle has become a real champion for the bricks and mortar operators in our sector.”

“It’s an increasingly competitive and complex world out there and consumers have more choice and information than ever before. That makes it essential that gym operators continually optimise their go-to-market sales channels and I really feel Hussle is a service that can play a key role over the coming years.”  

What is your role at Hussle?

“As a Fitness Partnership Manager, my remit is to source and build deep partnerships with UK gym and health club operators.”

“I want to better understand the challenges they face in rebuilding their membership base, support their recover post-COVID, provide them with insight from our marketplace data and generate revenue for them along the way.”

“It’s a role I feel extremely passionate about as I believe Hussle is the most relevant sales and marketing partner to the UK fitness industry right now.”  

How has the past year of Covid-19 and repeated lockdowns affected you?

“My immediate family were pretty ill in March 2020 with Covid symptoms. It was scary. Like many others, I was then furloughed for 6-months before unfortunately being made redundant.”

“So, it’s fair to say it has been a challenging year and it has certainly bought out the stoic in me!”

“But it has also been a year of slowing down, taking stock of what’s important to me. I’ve been able to re-evaluate my priorities and develop a deeper level of resilience which I feel proud of.”

“Exercise was a key part of that for me and despite all the madness going on around me I managed to drop 10kg in weight and I feel much healthier, fitter and mentally stronger than before.”  

Any learnings you’ve made through this difficult time that you’d like to share?

“Trust yourself and your own ability. Maintain a level of physical and mental preparedness and be flexible. Keep a journal and show gratitude for the positives. Read as much as possible and stay in contact with your tribe/community.”

“Also, be vulnerable enough to tell those close to you that you love them.”

What do you think the future holds for health clubs and gyms? Do you think more people will look to exercise as a result of Covid?

“I feel optimistic that there will be some long-lasting benefits for society as we collectively emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. An increased awareness of the benefits of health and fitness surely has to be one of those benefits.”

“However, increased consumer awareness doesn’t necessarily translate into guaranteed success for gyms and health clubs. We need to work as a sector to maintain relevance within the overall personal wellbeing ecosystem and that means moving more towards the needs of the customer.”

“It means providing customers with greater choice, improved flexibility, and doing more than ever to help signpost customers to the right products and services that help them meet their personal goals.”  

What part do you feel Hussle can and does play in this?

“I believe Hussle is part of this personal wellbeing ecosystem as the platform helps customers navigate to the right facility and the right service. Whether that is needing a gym near home and a gym near work, and whether that is through a single visit day pass, a multi-club pass, or direct membership with a specific gym.”

“Our goal is to increase participation in fitness, and we achieve that by helping customers find the right experience for their needs.”

“For gym operators, we provide powerful marketing opportunities that generate highly engaged new customers at their facilities. We support the growth of their business through new joiners, revenue and through sharing the insight of our fitness marketplace. It’s the ultimate win/win/win collaboration.”  

What do you like to do for physical activity and why?

“My training is more relaxed than it used to be these days and consists of cycling, rowing, some occasional running and kettlebell workouts. My aim is to stay fit enough to keep up with my young son and to age as gracefully as possible!”

“It’s perhaps a cliché but regular exercise is super important to me. It helps me keep my body and mind healthy and I’ve made it a non-negotiable part of my week. My view is to try and find what you like doing and do it more often.”  

Thanks for your time Matt and welcome to the team!


If you would like to speak to Matt and learn more about the services that Hussle provides you can contact him on: