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This week, The Side Hussle sat down with Rupert MacKenzie-Hill, the CEO and owner of the successful Kiss Gyms chain. As a long-standing partner to Hussle, we invited Kiss Gyms to be part of the pilot launch of the new Membership Conversion Service and decided to check-in to see how things were going. 

What were the reasons behind participating in the new Hussle membership conversion service pilot?

“Pretty straight-forward really, we just felt like it would be a win-win and a good way to acquire new members that we wouldn’t otherwise reach – without the need for additional marketing budget.”

How do you feel about promoting your memberships through a third-party marketplace?

“It hasn’t been a difficult decision to be honest, especially as it is a pilot to begin with. It feels like a great way to attract new members via effective, measurable marketing and it’s quite possible that Hussle could be a pretty useful member acquisition channel for us in the longer term.”

Did you have any reservations? If so, how did you get past these?

“It’s fair to say we have had a few small reservations about some of the options available through Hussle in the past, but one of the things we have always liked about Hussle is the constant evolution to find more and more solutions for different operator needs.”

“That being said, we didn’t have any reservations with the Membership Conversion Service. We are simply selling our core product to customers, just through a new sales channel.”

How do you feel about the early results in terms of new members for your clubs, and where would you like this to get to in terms of overall new member contribution to your business?

“The results so far have been really encouraging in terms of adding new members and it will be interesting to see if we can generate 20% of members sustainably as the service scales up.”

“I’d also be interested to see whether this erodes any of the revenue that we generate from day pass sales through Hussle.”

How would you ideally like to see this new service develop in future so that it best supports your business?

“We are always after more for less! More members costing us less overall would be a fantastic outcome for all involved and the Membership Conversion Service has been very promising so far.”

To find out more about how Hussle could provide you with a low-cost, new member joining channel, click here.